My husband has an amazing imagination. Our daughter is 5 and we are all about having fun. We both work full time and live on a budget and some of the ideas he comes up with to occupy our time are amazing.

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Sunday Funday #6 Mini Golf

This Sunday Funday only  took was some toys, cardboard, paper cups (cut in half for most of the holes), a kids mini golf game (you can buy in most toy stores), and some imagination. I am always excited to come home from work on a Sunday because I never know what is going to happen. This Sunday when I walked through the door the entire house had been turned into a mini golf course. There were 9 holes all together. 

2 courses in the living room.

This one and the one pictured above.

There was a course in the kitchen.

This was made out of an old shag carpet that was in our attic.

One in the guest Room

This was made out of some pillows and a blanket. It even had a water trap on the far end.

One in the hallway.

This one lead down into the basement through the laundry shoot in the bathroom.

Another one in the kitchen that also lead to the basement.

This one went down the stairs then you had to hit it into the hole under the stairs.

Two in the basement.

The classic hit the ball through the castle door.

This one was fun the balls were made out of foam. The hole started on the far end of the picture and the trap was turning the fan on.

The last hole was in our daughters room.

Right up the slide into the clowns mouth:)

Sunday Funday #5 Diffuse the Bomb

Diffuse the Bomb

I don’t have any pictures this week but it was a great Sunday Funday and only required a pad of post it notes, a pencil and a great imagination. We walked into the kitchen and my husband receives a “phone call”  it seems we are now the best detectives on the police force(there were 4 of us my mom, her friend, Alyssa and myself).  Our task was to find all of the clues which will lead us to the bomb so we can diffuse it before it blows. We have a half an hour to find all of the clues we can’t go outside or open any of the doors or windows or the bomb will blow.  The first clue is “once you pop you cant stop”.  Those of you that got the first clue good job, those of you that couldn’t it was in a Pringles can. The next clue was Brad Pitt and Angelina “Brangelena” what would Dora and Tinkerbell make? The answer doorbell. The clue was hidden in the cover of the doorbell. There were about 20 clues like this we followed all through the house. Some were simple like I’m not a uniformed cop. I’m _________ the answer was undercover or any openings? Nope, I’m fully booked (it was in the book case). Alyssa even got some of the simple clues. But there were also some difficult clues like (this one is a little more adult) Oral while standing in the shower……this one took a few extra hints and the answer was shower head hahaha. I had to unscrew the shower head and the clue was in a plastic bag rolled up inside of it. It turns out in the end we were not the best detectives on the force and the bomb would have blown us away but we did get the last clue about 2 minutes after the timer went off.

Sunday Funday #4 Carnival

Yes this is #4 I am waiting for my husband to help me write #3. This Sunday was great we had the carnival come to our house!!! Well my husband and daughter built a Carnival in our basement. Shaun and Alyssa had Carnival music on and came out in funny mustaches and said “welcome to Shaun and Alyssa’s amazing carnival”. Then they lead us to the first game, the only game that was played upstairs. They set up Alyssa’s ducks on the side of the tub and had the tub filled with water.We had to take water guns and shoot the ducks until they got to the other side of the tub.

Then we headed to the basement. The next game was the only game Alyssa could not participate in. Each person got 6 darts and had to pop all 6 balloons. The person that popped the most balloons won.

The next game we played you had to knock all of the cups off of the table with a  ball. Alyssa of course got to stand a lot closer then we did.

The fourth game was called ring the bell. We had to hit the wood on one side with a hammer and the ball flies up and dings the bell. This game was the hardest but my husband built it out of scrap wood.

The bell was a bowl and it was a lot closer to the bottom for Alyssa.

The next game was called ring the long neck. It is based on the ring the bottle carnival game. This one was pretty hard too but so is the one at the carnival.

The next game was taped up to the ceiling. He took a piece of cardboard and cut holes into it that we had to throw a tennis ball through. Each hole was worth a certain number of points.

The last game we played you will probably not ever see at a carnival but it was fun. We each had a car and we had to blow it off the end of the table. If your car goes off of the side you are disqualified.

This Sunday Funday  was a blast and I would love to do this one again. It seems a little silly but everyone got into it. We were split up into 2 teams and the team with the most wins at the end was the winner. Most of items that were needed were purchased at the dollar store or made with cardboard and scrap wood. It is amazing what you can do with an imagination and not a lot of money!!!


dinosaur bed

dinosaur bed

My husbands talents do not just lie in his imaginative ways to keep us entertained. He is also a talented builder. He built this bed for our daughter, it has a slide with her name in it, some of the spots open to show hidden compartments and the legs move back and forth!!

Sunday Funday #2 A Knights Tale

A Knights Tale

The second Sunday I came home after pulling the sword from the stone I was dubbed a knight from King Shaun and Queen Alyssa. I had to save the kingdom and search for all of the slime monsters that had taken over and kill them.

After I successfully killed all of the slime monsters I headed down to the basement to find my noble stead and have some jousting lessons.  My husband had a chair on a rolling dolly and this was my horse. I had a pool cue as my jouster. The trolls(paper towel rolls with troll pictures on them) were on bar stools and I had to joust them off while Shaun steered my horse for me.

When the trolls were all killed the castle was put into place and there was another troll attack. This time I had to use the catapult. While standing behind the castle walls I had to catapult tennis balls until I hit the trolls.

The catapult was a serving spoon. The best part was when it was all said and done we got to set up the whole story again for my mom to experience. I was now the queen, my daughter the princess and my husband the king and my mom got to pull the sword from the stone and fight the evil slim monster and save the kingdom!!

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