My husband has an amazing imagination. Our daughter is 5 and we are all about having fun. We both work full time and live on a budget and some of the ideas he comes up with to occupy our time are amazing.

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Sunday Funday #7 Life Sized Bored Game

Life Sized Board Game

Our latest Sunday Funday was a life size board game where we were the game pieces. It was set up in the basement. This is a very inexpensive way to have fun all you need is some colored paper, tennis balls,cardboard with 2 holes cut out and a good imagination.Here is a picture of how you would move spaces on the board game. You had to throw a tennis ball if you made it through the big hole it was worth 2 spaces, the little hole was 3 spaces and if you missed you got to move 1 space.

This is a picture of the board game. Each space you land on had a piece of paper under it that either had a trivia question or something you had to do.

Here is an example of a trivia question. When you landed on a trivia space everyone had to play. Each person wrote their answer on a piece of paper and those who got it right got to move ahead 1 space. Other trivia questions had multiple choice for example how many hearts does a squid have? Then there were a,b,c, and d answers.

Other spaces had things you had to do like hop the board on one foot. You could choose not to but there was a penalty. On this one you would have to go back one space.

This one was hard I had to balance one balloon on top of the other and hold it for 10 seconds.

Here are a few more examples of things we had to do. Last my husband made the whole game so he knew all of the answers so he was the judge and did not play the game. But as you can see he still go to participate. Of course there were the papers that said do your best job at flattering the judge and he will let you move 2 spaces.


Sunday Funday #6 Mini Golf

This Sunday Funday only  took was some toys, cardboard, paper cups (cut in half for most of the holes), a kids mini golf game (you can buy in most toy stores), and some imagination. I am always excited to come home from work on a Sunday because I never know what is going to happen. This Sunday when I walked through the door the entire house had been turned into a mini golf course. There were 9 holes all together. 

2 courses in the living room.

This one and the one pictured above.

There was a course in the kitchen.

This was made out of an old shag carpet that was in our attic.

One in the guest Room

This was made out of some pillows and a blanket. It even had a water trap on the far end.

One in the hallway.

This one lead down into the basement through the laundry shoot in the bathroom.

Another one in the kitchen that also lead to the basement.

This one went down the stairs then you had to hit it into the hole under the stairs.

Two in the basement.

The classic hit the ball through the castle door.

This one was fun the balls were made out of foam. The hole started on the far end of the picture and the trap was turning the fan on.

The last hole was in our daughters room.

Right up the slide into the clowns mouth:)

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