My husband has an amazing imagination. Our daughter is 5 and we are all about having fun. We both work full time and live on a budget and some of the ideas he comes up with to occupy our time are amazing.

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dinosaur bed

dinosaur bed

My husbands talents do not just lie in his imaginative ways to keep us entertained. He is also a talented builder. He built this bed for our daughter, it has a slide with her name in it, some of the spots open to show hidden compartments and the legs move back and forth!!


Sunday Funday #2 A Knights Tale

A Knights Tale

The second Sunday I came home after pulling the sword from the stone I was dubbed a knight from King Shaun and Queen Alyssa. I had to save the kingdom and search for all of the slime monsters that had taken over and kill them.

After I successfully killed all of the slime monsters I headed down to the basement to find my noble stead and have some jousting lessons.  My husband had a chair on a rolling dolly and this was my horse. I had a pool cue as my jouster. The trolls(paper towel rolls with troll pictures on them) were on bar stools and I had to joust them off while Shaun steered my horse for me.

When the trolls were all killed the castle was put into place and there was another troll attack. This time I had to use the catapult. While standing behind the castle walls I had to catapult tennis balls until I hit the trolls.

The catapult was a serving spoon. The best part was when it was all said and done we got to set up the whole story again for my mom to experience. I was now the queen, my daughter the princess and my husband the king and my mom got to pull the sword from the stone and fight the evil slim monster and save the kingdom!!

Sunday’s are always fun in my house!!

I have started a blog that is about my husbands amazing ideas in adventure, the funny things he and my daughter say and some of the great stories my husband has come up with. Please follow my blog I might not be the best writer but I promise you will be entertained!!


Sunday Funday

We are the typical family my husband is 34 and I am 31 both parents working full time, a five year old daughter in school and I am go to school part time trying to finish my degree. Like most families we fell into the rut of every day we have off we run errands and on our nights together my husband and I would just watch TV. Any other time we did not have anything to do we would just go back and forth saying I bored what do you want to do. Until my husband decided to use his amazing mind to come up with adventures. We call it Sunday Funday. I work from 10-3 on Sundays and while I am at work my husband and daughter transform the house into a land of adventure. The first Sunday Funday happened a couple of weeks ago I came home to find a wooden sign inside the front door that pointed to the kitchen. There was western music playing and wanted signs hanging over the door to the kitchen with my family on them including the dog. There was a sheriffs badge, a cowboy hat and a water gun(already loaded) sitting on the coffee table with a note. The note told me I was now the sheriff of this town and there were some vermin out there I had to catch. It said the vermin were most likely in the watering hole(the bar in our basement). I got so excited I forgot my gun, badge and hat but when I found my husband and daughter down stairs they were sitting at the bar  they each took a shot of apple juice and my husband turned to my daughter and said “We don’t like her kind round these parts do we, what do we do to her kind?” and my daughter looks at me and says “we squirt them!!!”  I had to run upst5airs and grab my gun, badge and cowboy hat. From there it was an all out water gun fight through out the house haha. Just remember water drys and the laughter is worth it!!!

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